First National Band


As many of you know Christian and I are always up for joining in any fun Michael Nesmith, his dad, is up to. So, recently when the idea of reviving the First National Band came up we were delighted to be asked along for what will surely be a wild and wonderful ride.

For now there are only two dates on the books but if we get a good response, we hope there will be more, and perhaps some out there in the wilds of America and beyond. Fingers and toes crossed.

JAN 23rd at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano CA
JAN 25th at The Troubadour in Hollywood CA

Please visit their respective sites for ticket information.

Onstage for the historic return Nez (that’s what we call him) has chosen to enlist Christian Nesmith on Guitar, Jonathan Nesmith on Piano, Vocals and Guitar, Pete Finney on the Pedal Steel, rhythm master Christopher Allis on Drums, the ever grooving Jason Chesney on Bass, Amy Spear singing Alto and me singing Soprano.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this seminal selection of songs and we hope to see you there!