Circe & Christian’s Side Orders


You’ve been asking, so we are finally going to deliver!
As some of you know we’ve been making lot’s of cool cover song videos over the last few years. We have over 90+ videos on our YouTube Channel, from full blown productions to casual couch performances.
And from these wildly varying styles we have selected 18 of your favorites to offer on our new record to be called Side Orders.




Stone in Love
Your Move
We’ve Only Just Begun
Rain/Tomorrow Never Knows
Dear God
Good Vibrations
Karen Dine
Silver Dagger
Life on Mars
Nature’s Way
Pretty Noose
See You
King Sham
Baby You’re a Rich Man
Video Killed the Radio Star
Remember Christmas




We did it! We now have enough money to make this record a reality and we can’t thank you enough.
As of today I will be finalizing the art work, printing labels and putting a little something special as a THANK YOU for us to you. We hope to start shipping in early February and then you can roll the windows down and take a drive with this collection of songs you made happen.
Also we have decided to keep the artwork a secret until you guys start posting pics as a fun way to flood our social sites with even more smiles and fun!



We are pre-funding this record because it’s not like any other record we have ever released before.

Because songwriters deserve to get paid, we need to license these songs before we can send this record to press.
So, we are asking YOU our dear fans, friends and family to help us out by choosing one of the different pre-order tiers below to make this dream a reality!

Each song costs $200.00 to license which is $3600.00, the printing is $1400.00, the mastering is $1000.00

After we reach our pre-order goal of $6000.00 we will send the record to print, and about a month after that we will send it to you!

We thank you in advance for your help!
And we thank you for all your love and support you have continually shown Christian, the band, and myself!

THE FINAL TOTAL is $8,817.94

97 thoughts on “Circe & Christian’s Side Orders

  1. Great idea for the covers and I would love to help but I can’t afford $25.00, which I’d why I liked Kickstarter. I wish you the best of luck and I can still listen on YouTube.

  2. As much as I love gravy, I could only afford bread today. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. I cannot wait to get this…I could only afford bread because my car has boo boos from a hit and run….stone 8 live is just beyond awesome…can’t wait to crank it up in my car!!!! Love you guys

  4. Got some Fries for you. lol Keep up the wonderful music. Love you both. Thanks for the friendship.

  5. This will be the best thing since the last best thing which was Bird’s. Looks like your almost half way. Wish I could contribute more but living on a pension now limits happy money. Thanks for doing this Circe and Christian.

  6. This is the album I’ve been hoping for. Your covers at once pay homage to the original song while leaving your own unique take on it. I am pleased and proud to help you once again and look forward to holding my own copy of Side Orders in my hot little hand.

    Happy New Year and keep on rocking.

    All the best,

    Pete Blatchford

  7. I ordered one CD. I only wish you guys would have done a Papa Nez or Monkees song! But, it is a great selection of tunes! Can’t wait to get mine! 🙂

  8. Placed my side-order last night. I know the goal will get met!! I can’t wait to be able to listen to these covers by my awesome pals!! Love to all!
    -Nicki Lock

  9. And, uh, I’d like a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it, please ~
    One for me, one for a friend.
    Can’t wait for this. See you both in Feb.
    Amy xx

  10. Bread was all I can afford right now due to loss of one of my jobs…having to make adjustments to the old budget. But I KNOW you will reach & surpass your goal because I know Circebirds always flock together! (gonna miss your autographs though) Love you guys!

  11. Just sent my money. Excited for some new Circe and Christian music! More balm for my still sometimes sleepless, overactive brain.

  12. Silly me left this message elsewhere, as well! Even though it’s only bread, my landlord still wouldn’t be thrilled…
    Looking forward to some sweet tune-age!
    Happy New Year, Circe and Christian!

  13. I would so love an autographed copy, but I can afford the bread. I can’t wait to blast your great covers in my car or in the house.! I love you both to pieces and thank you so much for doing this for us. Hug and Kisses!! <3

  14. I’m in for some gravy. Gravy is good on everything! Maybe even sharp cheddar and spam fries. Thanks Circe & Christian!

  15. Thx for all of the hard work and making it look easy…. 😉 Looking forward to this great record!

  16. Just ordered my Bread. Eagerly awaiting and so looking forward to future works from you! Lots of love <3

  17. Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait for my “Side Orders” I know it is guaranteed to be delicious! Very excited! Great way to start off the new year!

  18. Yay! Bread it is! I can’t wait to receive your CD. Hoping that it’s autographed too 🙂
    Thanks Circe and Christian!

  19. I just ordered two signed copies. I could really use one more as a gift. Could I somehow do that without buying two more? Thanks. I’m a friend of Paul, cool that you are doing King Sham!

  20. Hi Circe and Christian!! I just ordered one copy (Bread) of your ‘Side Orders’ CD.
    I am thrilled that you are recording this cover versions cd. I just love your music and voices. I bought a bunch of your CDs recently and will continue. You are so talented! Love your YouTube videos too! Good luck with your pre-funding and I hope you reach your goal. Can’t wait to get Side Orders! YAY!!!! Keep on Rockin’ !! Love, Peace and Blessings!!! xoxoxoxo

  21. Now I know you guys have reached your goal, but I just really need some of those fries, preferably curly fries seeing as those are supposed to be really good, hehe.
    You guys are great, and I am so glad you guys are making this album!
    And I’m happy that I was able to contribute a little.

  22. I’m so happy to see that you reached your goal and then some. How exciting! I can hardly wait for my Side Order of “Bread” 😉 wink wink…Love you two to pieces!! <3

  23. I was only able to order BREAD for $25 . Can’t Wait till this comes out GAHHHHH!!! I LOVE you C & C Can’t Wait for The Flower Power Cruise too . Double Gahhhhh~~~~~

  24. Howdy C & C,
    I/we were so excited to hear about this incredible all you can eat special!!! With , ☆♡WHAT!!! CIRCE’S ARTWORK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE , Sunshine ○♡!!
    Some curly fries xtra hot for these hot covers you picked !!!!! Ooww!!! How you re-created those hits are definitely why I/we have to have Some hot “Side Orders ”
    XO. & Bear Hugs

  25. Hiya Babes Issy here!!! Much love to you and Christian and happy new year to you both!!!! Exciting times for you….ordered the 2 autographed albums…… Oh and tell that Sherwood that we are due a new ‘ words with friends’ game…… (even though he wins every time) Good luck with all the Albums my beautiful friend !

  26. Well, according to the above info, as of Monday the 11th, you’ve pretty easily surpassed your $6000 goal by $2065.55 for a total of $8065.55, and I just added $25 to it on the 12th, so get that baby off to the pressing plant! And if you’re taking requests for a possible Vol. 2: “Porpoise Song.”

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