Circe & Christian’s Cover Record: SIDE ORDERS

You’ve been asking, so we are finally going to deliver!
As some of you know we’ve been making lot’s of cover song videos over the last few years.
We have over 90+ videos on our YouTube Channel from full blow productions to casual couch performances.
And from these wildly varying styles we have selected 18 of your favorites to offer on our new record to be called Side Orders.

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From our living room to yours!

We love to play live for you live as much as you love to see us!

And while we do have plans for some modest touring, we have been having a blast connecting with many of you, some from all over the world, doing a live living room series of concerts.
We've gotten pretty spiffy around the house with purple curtains, five cameras, a sound man, a camera director and the whole band playing at once!
You can chat with us while we are on air, and other people watching the show and do it it all from the comfort of your bedroom, tree house or car! (Passengers only please!)

So click HERE to register now and we will see you soon!



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Groovy Lemon Pie is Yummy!

NezwoodChristian Nesmith and Michael Sherwood have been friends and musical partners for years. When not making TV jingles or working on other artists projects they recorded a batch of brilliants tracks that sat on the shelf gathering dust... Until now.
Groovy Lemon Pie is the name of their long awaited release! If you like XTC, Yes, and The Beatles you will love their clever, poppy mastery.

Michael Sherwood & Christian Nesmith